As the premier providers of residential removals in Cambridge, we understand how hectic moving day can be for the average family. In order to make the transition easier, we recommend packing an essentials box a good week or so before the big day.

An essentials box includes all the things you’re likely to need during moving day and that first night. This can be put in your car on the day of the move, making it the first thing you bring into your new home.

Here are few suggestions of what to stock it with.

Snacks and drinks

Moving house can be thirsty and hungry work. Non-perishable snacks like crisps, nuts, and granola bars can help to fill the gap and, if you have time the night before, some sandwiches will make for a more substantial lunch. Tea-bags and instant coffee are good choices: just remember to throw in the kettle and something to drink out of.


Toilet paper is a must, as is washing-up liquid and a tea towel. Since moving can be dirty work, maybe include hand-sanitiser or wet wipes – enough to clean your hands before lunch.


The major stuff can wait until the next day, but a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a torch, and some spare light bulbs are likely to come in handy.


It’s worth packing a change of clothes for everyone, as well as pyjamas or other nightwear for the first night, especially if you have kids.


Birth certificates, passports, mortgage/tenancy documents, and other essential records should be put in a sealed plastic bag and included in your essentials box. This is less because you’re liable to need them, but more to ensure that you know where they are for the future.

Once your essentials box is packed, we even provide a full packing service for the rest of your belongings so you can be reassured that everything is expertly packed and easy to locate at the other end. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.