Large scale DIY projects can be extremely disruptive in any home. You may be excited by the prospect of investing in your property and making changes to bring it more in line with what you envisage as your dream home, but at the same time, the process itself can be frustrating and involve a lot of hard work.

One common problem is the issue of what to do with all your possessions. During a renovation project, you’ll probably realise how much stuff you really have, and it can get in the way. If you leave your furniture and other items in the middle of a building site, not only will they create hazards and take up the space your contractors need to work, but they are also likely to get damaged, or at least coated in brick dust and paint.

Putting your items into storage is usually the best solution. If everything is packed correctly and carefully, you can keep everything in great condition, ready to be placed back in your freshly revamped room. You may choose to transport all your items to a fixed storage facility, but a good alternative to consider would be a mobile storage container.

These units offer some unique advantages. Your storage unit can actually be delivered to your property in some cases, allowing you to load it directly. You can then keep this unit on your property so you can access it at any time, or have it stored securely elsewhere. Alternatively, your furnishings and other possessions can be picked up and transported away to be put into storage, and everything can be handled for you.

We provide a secure storage service which is ideal for anyone renovating their home and in need of extra space while keeping their items safe. We have a system of large, modular wooden storage containers which are suitable for everything from light furniture to heavy vehicles. You can fill your container and have it kept in our high-security warehouse for any period of time, starting from just one month. Simply get in touch if you’d like to learn more about this service.

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