The winter months are not commonly chosen as the ideal time to pack up your life and move from one home to another, but sometimes that’s just the way things work out and you’ll want to make the best of it. Here is some general advice to help you dodge the problems many people might face when considering a winter move.

Firstly, the weather could be an issue, since it probably won’t be sunny and it definitely won’t be warm. Once you’ve sorted out suitable clothing and footwear, if you’re going to be the person actually taking your items to the removal van and into the new property, you should do a general safety check. Frozen patches on doorsteps can be dangerous when you’re taking things in and out of the house, plus even snow can be slippery, especially when it’s accidentally trudged inside and melted.

If you’ve decided to use a professional moving company, the removal van they use should be more than adequate get your possessions from A to B. Bad weather can still cause delays on the road, though, so it’s ideal if you can find a date that isn’t scheduled for serious snow or rainfall. If you’re using your own car to move, ensure it’s fully prepared for the journey and can accommodate your luggage safely.

Once you’ve sorted the journey and you’re thinking about arriving at the house, it will be much easier to settle in if you have already taken care of the essentials. This means getting any vital repairs sorted, or at least arranged, so you know there will be no electrical faults, plumbing problems or other minor disasters to contend with when you arrive. To ensure your home is warm and welcoming, make sure the heating works and the bills aren’t outstanding.

It will also make this part of the process easier if you have packed wisely. Each box should contain items to go in one room, so you can quickly sort the boxes and unpack them. One needs to give you quick access to all the basics, including whatever you need to make a fresh hot drink in your new kitchen. Small things can make a new place seem more homely if you’re moving on a cold winter day, so a little preparation can really help.

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