Tips for packing food for your move

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of moving house is packing up what you’ve got in the kitchen, so it’s little wonder that many movers leave it until last. Moving house can be expensive at the best of times, and nobody wants to see good food go to waste, so what’s the best way to move food products safely, and cleanly, from one property to another?

As the top removal company in Cambridge, we’ve compiled the following tips to make moving food a little less of a hassle:

Cook it or chuck it

Once you know your moving date, take a look at the expiry dates on your various food items. Anything that’s due to expire before, or just after you move, probably isn’t worth holding onto. Either get creative in the kitchen and use them up before you go or bin them.

Secure your essentials

Pantry basics like flour, sugar, rice, and pasta are fairly hard-wearing, but their packaging isn’t. Paper and plastic bags (especially ones already opened) have a tendency to split in transit, so invest in some clip-top plastic boxes or heavy-duty freezer bags to protect them on the move.

Keep it small

Pack food items into small boxes, to spare the weight. If the bottom falls out of an overloaded box, even those items that don’t split, break or burst, are likely to be contaminated by the ones that do.

Protect your bottles

Whether its wine, spirits, or extra virgin olive oil, glass bottles will need extra protection for the trip. If it’s only a few choice bottles, it’s worth investing in wine boxes or bottle postage packages. For larger collections, remember to reinforce your boxes, and don’t worry about going overboard on the bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

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