Moving in with your partner for the first time can be both the most exciting and the most stressful period of your relationship to date. Whether one of you is moving into the other’s house, or whether you’re both moving into a new property together, you will have important matters to discuss before the day of the move.

As experts in residential removals in Cambridge, we have helped hundreds of couples move in together, and here are a handful of handy tips to help ease the transition.

Choose a home

Is one of you prepared to give up their home? Is the other prepared to have someone else enter theirs on a permanent basis? Would it make more sense to move into a new property together? These are important questions, that need to be thrashed out early on.

The big list

Each of you should compile a list of everything you own, then sit down together and compare them. If the same items appear on both lists, is there any reason to keep hold of the duplicates? If not, then this is the ideal time to declutter.


Whether moving to a new house or moving into your partner’s, you’ll want to put your own stamp on it in some way. A new property makes it easier but, even if you move into your partner’s existing home, it’s good to plan a makeover for one of the rooms – possibly the main bedroom or bathroom – so that it’s something you share as a couple.


Living together can be costly, and you both might have different ideas about what’s a necessity and what’s an extravagance. There’s nothing wrong or unusual in that but be sure that you both know where the financial lines are drawn before making any big decision.

When you decide to take the plunge and move in together, don’t forget to contact Cambridge Removals for a free quote. We are experts at residential removals in Cambridge and can help keep your big day stress free.