Working in London is a different story from actually living there. With high costs linked to just about anything and everything, maintaining a job in the city feels overwhelming if you have to also pay for rent or have aspirations of owning property. That is why there is a constant search for places close by that will offer a commutable, less expensive way of life, and Cambridgeshire is at the top of the list.

Nestled in the East of England and just over an hour away, well-connected by train and car, it has become a hub for professionals and families who want to stay near London. We will look at some of the best towns and cities to live in.

What Are the Benefits of Cambridge Commuter Towns?

So, what do you gain exactly from living in a Cambridgeshire commuter area? There are a lot of benefits to consider, and this list proves it.

Lower House Prices

The average property price for a one-bedroom flat in London is £453,731. In Cambridgeshire, it is £360,000. If you want a bigger home, the overall average property price in London is £523,666 compared to £370,000 further east. There are obvious differences here, and it will be easier to secure your dream palace in Cambridgeshire than it will in the heart of London. The same is true for renters, who are facing average costs of £2,039 a month in the big city but could have better rates of £1,807, an almost £300 saving.

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Mental Preparedness

A busy London commute is never conducive to a peaceful journey where you can mentally prepare for the day ahead. Commuters who live in the city may still face around an hour’s worth of travelling time regardless of where they live compared to the location of their place of work too. Whereas, with some places like the sleepy village of Meldreth allowing you to hop on a train and be in the centre of London 50 minutes later, you get plenty of quiet time to calibrate your mind for the day ahead.


You can get from Huntingdon to London via Peterborough in just over an hour, and a little longer if you find a direct train. It is just 20 minutes away from Cambridge, and there is an eclectic mix of properties to pick from including modern apartments and detached period homes. It is possible to buy a nice apartment for around £140,770 and this jumps to £388,800 for a detached house.

Great Shelford

In one hour and 20 minutes, you can be in Liverpool Street Station from Great Shelford, but it is only seven minutes away from Cambridge. This area holds a lot of wonderful things for families thanks to the fantastic schools, parks, and nature spots. There is also an abundance of facilities in the village to enjoy as well, from a deli to a barbershop. The average property prices here are higher than in other areas by a significant amount because it is a desirable village with great commuter links and a concentration of bigger houses to navigate through.


Meldreth, though small, is a great place for anyone who has a morning and evening journey to and from London for work. If you want to take the train, the fastest journey time is just 50 minutes! You could also go by car, but this may take a little longer if the main road gets busy during peak hours (as it often does). Though with clear sailing, it should take you just over an hour to get into the centre.


Foxton is another great village for getting both to London Kings Cross and the commute to Cambridge too. It takes just under 15 minutes to get to the latter and just over an hour to arrive at the former. Around 1,000 residents have made their home here, but despite the small-scale living scene, you can buy a typical semi-detached two/three bedroomed property here for around £424,000.


Whittlesford residents are able to arrive at London Kings Cross in approximately 45 minutes, and Cambridge in 10 minutes via train, though it will take slightly longer if you want to drive instead. Property prices are on average £463,000 for a semi-detached property, and you will be living right near the River Cam, which makes for stunning views and adventures aplenty. The train station is highly accessible and there are plenty of spaces to unwind, as well as two primary school options as well.


If you are looking for something a bit more city-like, then Waterbeach is a good alternative to the rural village lifestyle. While there are still countryside vibes, there is more to do and see and a bigger population as well. Travel to London will take one hour and six minutes, and into Cambridge is just 10 minutes.

How Cambridge Removals and Storage Can Help

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