Many individuals choose to relocate primarily to provide their children with an enhanced educational experience, making the selection of the right school a pivotal decision. To assist parents contemplating a move to Huntingdon, we have curated a comprehensive list of the finest schools in the area. 

This compilation will be organised alphabetically, presenting the Ofsted ratings for each school with a Huntingdon address, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Ofsted Ratings Explained

The Ofsted ratings are derived from thorough inspections conducted at schools. While schools are generally aware of the timing of these inspections, they receive no advance notice, ensuring that inspectors obtain an authentic assessment of the school’s performance across various criteria. 

Following the inspections, schools are assigned one of four grades reflecting their overall quality and effectiveness, namely: 

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires Improvement
  • Inadequate

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Schools categorised as ‘outstanding’ in overall effectiveness within Ofsted reports usually enjoy exemption from regular inspections, granting them a span of up to a decade without reassessment by the education watchdog. However, in the event of performance deterioration or the identification of risks, such as potential safeguarding issues, a thorough inspection may be triggered. Presently, in Huntingdon, there is one school holding the esteemed ‘Outstanding’ designation:

Spring Common Academy

Spring Common Academy stands as an exceptional community special school catering to pupils aged 3-19 with special needs in the Huntingdon area. The school finds pride in the remarkable accomplishments of their students and the unwavering dedication exhibited by staff. Committed to excellence, the school commits to uphold lofty educational standards. 

Ofsted recognised Spring Common Academy as outstanding in all areas in December 2018, where the report applauded the shared aspirations for pupils and the nurturing environment that fosters both academic and personal development. Graduates emerge as self-assured individuals, equipped to tackle challenges in post-school life, the local community, and the broader world.


Within Huntingdon, 15 schools boast a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted. Typically, providers with a ‘Good’ designation undergo inspection within a five-year period after the release of their previous assessment. Although these inspections are usually brief, a comprehensive evaluation may be triggered if signs emerge warranting a more in-depth review. This scenario might unfold if there are indications of an overall decline in the provider’s performance.

Abbots Ripton School

Abbots Ripton Primary School actively supports local schools, maintaining a positive environment where students display good behaviour, respect for peers and adults, and prompt resolution of any bullying concerns. 

Lunchtime fosters a family-like atmosphere with older students serving younger ones. Academic achievements are strong across key stages, with a 100% success rate in the 2018 phonics screening check and above-average standards in key stage 1 and 2. Students exhibit a love for reading, and overall, safeguarding is effective.

Alconbury C of E School

Pupils at Alconbury C of E Primary School take pride in their work and feel a strong connection to the school. They emphasise the importance of respect and fair play, contributing to a positive learning environment with Year 6 exhibiting above-average results. 

The engaging curriculum enhances their enjoyment of learning. This is seen in the dedicated senior leadership team, comprised of the headteacher and deputy headteacher, which focuses on pupils’ holistic development. The school has a balanced approach that fosters a good capacity for future improvement. Parents, reflecting a caring ‘Alconbury family’ ethos, highly recommend the school in Ofsted’s Parent View. 

Brampton Village School

Brampton Village Primary School is on a positive trajectory, demonstrating improvements under visionary leadership. Students benefit from a comprehensive education, achieving above-average results by Year 6. 

While progress has accelerated, especially in mathematics, writing challenges persist, preventing an outstanding rating. Music stands out as a strength, and teaching ensures strong foundational skills. Throughout, teachers captivate students, fostering motivation and engagement. Friendliness, respect, and good behaviour characterise the students, contributing to a safe and happy environment. Leaders effectively identify and address areas for improvement, promoting strong teamwork and an effective partnership with parents.

Cromwell Academy

At Cromwell Academy, students actively engage in learning choices through reflection and discussion. For instance, in religious education, older students debate existential questions and use their knowledge of various religions to shape their views. 

Phonics begins in Reception, with systematic sound learning and well-selected books. Teachers tailor plans for special educational needs effectively, ensuring individualised support. Early years foster positive relationships to assist with integration into the school community.

Godmanchester Community Academy

Godmanchester Community Academy is a proficient school, led by a strong headteacher, who successfully advances pupils’ learning for high-quality education. Attainment and progress, particularly in reading and mathematics, are commendable, with outstanding achievements for some. The teaching is generally good, occasionally outstanding, fostering pupils’ self-improvement initiatives. 

Pupils show excellent attitudes to learning, supported by expertly planned extra help for exceptional progress. Outstanding behaviour and relationships contribute to a safe environment with mutual respect. Governors and senior staff maintain high expectations and effectively oversee teaching quality, bringing about rapid improvement. 

Hartford Infant and Preschool

At Hartford Infant and Preschool, pupils are joyous and thrive on success, fostering a love for learning from the outset. Bullying is exceptionally rare, with pupils confident in adult intervention. Exemplary behaviour, respect, and helpfulness define student interactions. 

Each day begins with activities reinforcing previous learning, fostering retention and deeper understanding. Enthusiastic and proud, pupils aspire to meet high expectations, encouraging resilience in the face of challenges. Rich experiences, including ‘Sparky start’ sessions and engaging trips, enhance subject understanding. 

Hartford Junior School

Hartford School has progressed positively, achieving a ‘good’ status after overcoming previous ‘requires improvement’ judgments, thanks to effective leadership. The headteacher, deputy headteacher, and other leaders set high expectations for pupils, staff, and themselves. 

The school prioritises individual needs, especially for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), it has established two dedicated teaching groups known as ‘hubs.’ Pupils relish their subjects and tasks, feeling secure as bullying incidents are rare. Their confidence in staff intervention and the swift resolution of issues contributes to a positive school experience. The commitment to continual improvement is reflected in the school’s renewed success.

Hinchingbrooke School

At Hinchingbrooke School, pupils express pride in their school, emphasising a focus on work and positive relationships with staff, including dedicated pastoral teams. Generally well-behaved, with occasional instances of derogatory language, these are promptly addressed to support improvement. Pupils feel safe, with intolerance for bullying and confidence in staff intervention. 

Safety education is integrated, and leadership opportunities, sports, and after-school clubs are reinstated. Sixth-form students enjoy a tailored enrichment program, fostering life skills and mentor support. Many students serve as role models through responsibilities like house captains. Exceptional support guides pupils and sixth-formers toward successful transitions to further education, employment, apprenticeships, or university.

Houghton School

Houghton Primary School is a source of joy for pupils who feel a familial connection with staff. Older students support younger ones, fostering a positive atmosphere based on high behavioural expectations. 

The engaging curriculum fuels pupils’ thirst for knowledge, earning praise from parents who appreciate the encouragement of continuous learning. Students, happy and secure, rarely encounter bullying, but it is swiftly addressed when it occurs. The school offers diverse opportunities, from clubs to sports fixtures, and special events like the ‘Young Voices’ where students sing alongside professionals. Overall, pupils cherish their school experience, arriving with enthusiasm and returning home bubbling with excitement.

Huntingdon Primary School

  • Age: Primary, 4-11
  • Address: Ambury Road, Huntingdon, PE29 1AD
  • Website:

Huntingdon Primary School has achieved substantial improvements in teaching quality, driving good progress and rapidly rising standards in reading, writing, and mathematics. Leaders, backed by determined staff support, grasp the school’s strengths and developmental priorities. Effective teaching, secured by teachers’ strong subject knowledge, provides challenging planned work for diverse abilities. 

Early years provision is commendable, ensuring children are well-prepared for key stage 1. Successful arrangements for disadvantaged pupils facilitate good progress, while improved behaviour and reduced exclusions reflect positive school values. Enhanced attendance results from leaders and staff effectively combating persistent absence.

St Anne’s School

At St Anne’s Primary School, students embody the school’s values of ‘respect, kindness, growth, and nurture,’ taking pride in their work and attentively listening to teachers. However, achievement varies, with teachers awaiting guidance on optimal teaching approaches. 

Pupils exhibit kindness, and learn from early years’ clear rules and routines, minimising bullying incidents. Swift adult intervention fosters a safe environment, reassuring pupils that staff are available to address concerns. Taking responsibility enhances personal development, as students engage in charity work and peer-led acts of worship. Appreciating staff’s nurturing approach, students learn respect regardless of differences, broadening their societal understanding through visits to places of worship and historical landmarks.

St John’s C of E School

St John’s C of E Primary School embraces an inclusive atmosphere, described by pupils as an ‘extended family.’  Students happily attend, feeling safe, and cared for, and experiencing a calm environment. Described as a place where they can learn, grow, and make friends, pupils adhere to classroom expectations, exhibiting good behaviour and respect. 

Breaks and lunchtimes are sociable for pupils, with rare instances of bullying promptly addressed by adults. Students appreciate their varied roles, from school parliament representatives to eco champions, working toward environmental awareness. These roles, including distribution and environment managers, empower students to contribute positively and enhance the school community.

St Peter’s School

Students at St Peter’s School are confident and content, they express feeling safe with positive teacher relationships and acknowledge the staff’s high expectations for their success. 

Efforts by leaders have notably improved overall behaviour, with an effective resolution of bullying incidents. The curriculum, tailored to students’ interests and needs, is well-taught by skilled staff, providing relevant lessons for long-term success. Emphasising acceptance and respect for differences, lessons foster inclusivity, particularly for those with complex learning needs. Enthusiastic participation in various clubs and after-school activities, including cadets and science clubs, enriches students’ experiences, aligning with the school’s focus on character development and learning beyond the classroom.

Stukeley Meadows School

Stukeley Meadows Primary School fosters a warm and inviting environment, ensuring pupils gain the confidence to thrive. Leaders, alongside their teams, prioritise personalised support for each student. Pupils affirm that on challenging days, adults engage in supportive conversations. 

Parental feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with a focus on safety and learning. Parents believe their children make excellent progress academically and socially, expressing satisfaction with the school’s overall quality. Pupils enjoy attending school, highlighting the value of trips and clubs, such as the ‘microbit’ club. Parents commend the school as excellent, providing a supportive and positive environment.

Wyton on the Hill Community School

At Wyton on the Hill Community Primary School, pupils appreciate an immediate understanding of their needs and interests upon joining. The supportive atmosphere fosters a sense of safety and readiness to learn, with pupils forming kind and inclusive friendships. Familiar with school rules, students respond positively to gentle reminders, minimising bullying incidents. Adults promptly address friendship issues, ensuring a supportive environment. 

The newly built school provides excellent facilities, including a well-stocked library, outdoor play pod, and dedicated art and music rooms. Pupils engage in ‘early bird’ learning and after-school clubs, fostering community involvement through parent and staff-organised events. As a ‘rights respecting school,’ students proudly serve as ambassadors, actively contributing to the local community and environment.

Requires Improvement

There are currently one school in Huntingdon considered to Require Improvement. For schools that require improvement, they will receive a full inspection from Ofsted within 12 to 30 months.

Thongsley Fields School

Thongsley Fields Primary School fosters a happy and secure environment, with pupils valuing respectful relationships among peers and staff. Bullying is rare, and when incidents occur, pupils trust adults to address them. Individual needs are well understood by supportive adults, contributing to good behaviour in lessons and throughout the school. 

Pupils embrace the ‘ready, respectful, and safe’ rules, meeting high expectations. Engaging in diverse clubs and contributing to school life, they participate in activities like the choir’s visit to the O2 arena. Despite overall enjoyment of learning, gaps in knowledge persist in reading and mathematics, impacting achievement levels.

Moving to Huntingdon as a Family

Huntingdon offers a diverse range of Key Stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 educational opportunities for children. If you’re contemplating a relocation to the area for educational reasons, Cambridge Removals and Storage can facilitate a seamless and stress-free move, especially challenging when relocating with a family.

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