Cambridgeshire is an East England county boasting market towns, the well-known University city of Cambridge, and plenty of picturesque villages. It’s no surprise, then, that the population has increased by nearly 10% in the last decade. The best places to live are evenly spread, and the top picks, plus some helpful advice about moving to Cambridgeshire, can be found below.


Peterborough is a city with a population of over 200,000. You could live near the centre to be close to a range of shops, Peterborough Cathedral, the Museum & Art Gallery, the train station or the Lido. Alternatively, if city living is not your cup of tea, there are wonderful rural options too like the villages of Wansford with its very own railway line, and Kings Cliffe on the River Nene. Access to both popular recreational venues and beautiful nature spots is easy to find, and there are great housing options too.

Property Costs

The house prices are fairly high. For instance, if you were to explore Kings Cliffe as a place to live, expect the average price to be £432,186. This is higher than the inner-city property figures, which currently register at £254,000 as an average purchase price.


Huntingdon is the perfect example of a quaint market town in the heart of Cambridgeshire. There is a train station with great links into London and the surrounding areas if you need to travel for work and hundreds of property options too. What is it that makes Huntingdon such a popular place to live? It is home to a renowned National Trust site, Houghton Mill, and twice weekly markets are held in the main square. Huntingdon was also the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell and the Cromwell Museum is where any history lover can go for a few hours.

Property Costs

Property prices vary in Huntingdon depending on which area you want to live in. Smaller villages within an area like Hartford have an average of £320,000, whereas close to the center of Huntingdon, the prices are slightly steeper in general coming in at £347,000 as a mean figure.


Cambridge is home to one of the country’s most prestigious universities, but it’s not just students that can have a great experience living in this city. Stunning historical sites like the Fitzwilliam Museum are enticing enough but the city is thriving with culture in almost every corner thanks to spots like the University Botanic Garden and the breathtaking King’s College Chapel.

Property Costs

As expected, property costs are high in the centre of Cambridge. While the market is altered slightly thanks to the high levels of student accommodation, the average property price for buyers is around £591,000.

Benefits of Living in Cambridgeshire

There are superb benefits to living in Cambridgeshire, and these reasons are what bring so many people to the county to work, rent, or buy. The university is a top-tier facility, and the job market is one of the best in the entire country. Expect a great quality of living in general and a pleasant vibe of diversity.

Moving to Cambridgeshire: Need to Knows

If you are planning on buying property or renting in the area, you will undoubtedly be on the lookout for a reasonable, well-known removal company to help the journey go well. The cost of living in any area across the county is fairly high, so this bit is really important to get right.

Plan Your Finances

Regardless of where you are moving from whether it is the Scottish Highlands or Land’s End, planning out the financial requirements is a major requirement. Your moving cost quote will vary depending on distance and how much stuff you have. Get an accurate quote by providing as many details as you can.

Regardless of where you pick, Cambridgeshire has some of the best schools, experiences, and shopping in the whole country. This county is filled with history and stunning property.

How Can We Help You With Your Move

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The Cambridge Removals Experience

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