Any move is stressful enough, but relocating to temporary housing could prove even more so. If you’re only planning on staying somewhere for a matter of weeks or months, how do you know what and how much to pack? Will you still be able to use a removals company to ensure everything runs smoothly?

Here at Cambridge Removals & Storage we attempt to alleviate any concerns you may have about moving into temporary housing.

Why might you be moving into temporary housing?

– For work – your employer may need you to relocate for work purposes, and a short-term move might make more sense than selling your current home.
– You’ve sold your home – If the sale of your property is moving swiftly and you haven’t found somewhere new to live yet, or a sale has been delayed or fallen through, temporary housing may be necessary.
– You’re renovating a property – Moving to temporary accommodation could enable you to finish renovating your property without having to deal with all of the dust, noise and danger that comes with living on a building site.
– You’re studying – Moving into temporary student housing could allow you to be situated closer to your place of study.
– For safety reasons – If you’ve been a victim of abuse and living at your current home is no longer safe, temporary housing may provide a short-term living solution for you and your family.

Packing tips from the Cambridge residential removals experts

Even though you may not bring all of your personal belongings with you when moving into temporary housing, packing can still be a lot of hassle without the help of professional residential removers such as Cambridge Removals & Storage. Our staff have been expertly trained to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack all of your belongings safely, and we offer a full range of residential removals services.

Here are a few tips on what to bring with you, plus some things to bear in mind when packing before moving into temporary housing.

– Thoroughly sort through all of your belongings way before moving day, deciding what you need to pack and throw away, and what can be left behind or placed in storage.
– Take all of your valuables with you, and consider whether it may be best to place larger valuables in storage.
– You may not need to take larger or heavier items such as the washing machine, TV or sofa if they’re being provided for you at your new address.
– Pack clothes and shoes according to the time of year it is and how long you’ll be staying in temporary housing, putting anything you won’t be wearing into storage.
– Don’t forget about those essential items you use every day, such as towels, bedding, crockery, medication, and your children’s favourite toys.

Removals in Cambridgeshire

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