Although you may never really feel ready to move, the big day is soon going to be approaching faster than you expected. The best thing to do is embrace the excitement and try to enjoy the refreshing feeling of starting over in a new home.

However, in order to really shake off the inevitable anxiety and enjoy the process, you will probably need to take a few steps to get organised early on. Here, we outline six top tips which should help you achieve this, and they might be easier than you think.

1) Start by getting rid of items

The very first thing to do is not to start organising all the things you own, but to get rid of anything that you simply will not miss. If in doubt, you should probably get rid of anything that can theoretically be replaced. The chances are, the free space will be more valuable when you move.

2) Develop a system for the rest

Once the clearing out stage is complete (for now), you can get the rest of your things in order. When thinking about packing, try to group things by room so it’s easier to unpack. Don’t randomly search the house for similar sized items just because they’ll fit in the same box, because this will take too much time.

3) Save up boxes and wrapping

Why pay for new packing materials when you can just save things and recycle? If you receive any parcels in useful boxes, put these aside along with wrapping supplies so you can protect and pack up your fragile items later without having to spend more.

4) Start making an inventory

When you’re organising things, either record the details in a list or spreadsheet format, or alternatively just take pictures and videos of everything so you have a record of its existence, location and condition.

5) Organise the most vital items

Important documents should always be kept separately from other junk files to make sure you don’t lose them. The same goes for household essentials that you’ll need in your new property as soon as you move, which should be set aside and not buried deep in boxes.

6) Place your booking with your movers

After you’ve selected a local removal firm who can help you get everything moved, be sure to contact them quickly to secure your preferred date. They can also help you out by providing more advice on packing and logistics (we certainly can if you give us a call).