Unfortunately, when moving house it’s not uncommon to end up losing or breaking a few items if you’re not completely prepared and careful. Most of us have so many possessions to move that we simply can’t spend the necessary time to fully prepare every item for safe transit, and sometimes we rush to get the job done which can result in breakages.

Working with a professional removal and storage specialist like ourselves will help to ensure that your items are handled safely, but for your peace of mind it’s well worth paying extra attention to how you pack your most prized possessions.

The most commonly damaged items during a move tend to include the following, according to surveys of people who have recently moved:


This includes drinking glasses that usually live in the kitchen or dining room, as well as decorative glass pieces, other kitchenware, glass photo frames, mirrors and so on. Obviously glass tends to be fragile and can’t withstand much force from a direct hit.

In order to protect glassware, you should make sure you only move items in relatively light boxes (a few kilograms maximum). Every item should be wrapped up individually before being placed into a box, but make sure you know which boxes contain these items by labelling them appropriately.


Trying to move heavy furniture on your own or with the help of just one person can often result in accidental damage. Using a trolley or other equipment to lighten the load should help you keep this under control. If possible, take furniture items apart to wrap and move them more easily. Cover sharp edges with padding to prevent scratches or breakages.


If you have house plants that you need to move, you should pack these in sturdy but breathable boxes, usually made from tough plastic or wood. You can use cable ties to hold stems and branches in place so that they don’t become tangled or get ripped off. Plants are usually inconveniently shaped so they don’t pack into a small space very efficiently, but you need to prioritise keeping them protected from damage.


High value artwork should always be treated with great care and you will most likely need to create custom packaging to keep it safe while in transit. Wrap frames or pottery with plenty of padding to stop them getting scratched or otherwise damaged when they come into contact with other items.

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