There may be various reasons that lead you to keep some of your home furnishings in storage for a while when you’re moving home. This may be for a short time as you move between properties, or for the longer term if you’ve decided to downsize. You should always bear in mind that unexpected delays could lead to your items being in storage for longer than you anticipated.

Either way, your furniture may include some of the highest value items you own, and of course you will want to keep these items safe and prevent them from becoming damaged. With this in mind, it’s worth considering some important pointers when you start preparing to put your furnishings away in storage.

1) Take note of any damage. Before you put your items away, you should take note of any existing scuff marks, cracks or other damage, possibly by taking pictures for your peace of mind. You should consider making repairs or fixing issues such as mould or rust before your store your furniture, so its condition doesn’t further deteriorate.

2) Dismantle everything you can. If possible, flat-pack your furniture by taking it apart, removing legs and other protruding parts. This makes moving and storing heavy items easier.

3) Use bubble wrap and other padding. Sharp edges and corners can be easily damaged, do damage to other items or cause injury while they’re being moved. It’s best to wrap these up as much as possible, although you should ensure you can still grip heavy items to move them.

4) Lay down protective sheets. Don’t forget there’s more you can do to protect your furnishings as well as wrapping up the items themselves. You can avoid scraping the bottom of your furniture on a hard floor by laying down a couple of layers of protective plastic.

5) Control the temperature. Your storage room or area could be vulnerable to changing weather conditions, especially if you are storing your items for a long time. High or low temperatures or humidity can be particularly problematic for certain materials like leather, which can easily dry out. Damp or mould may be another common problem if your room is too cold. Try to plan ahead and install a system to prevent these issues.

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