There are few things in life more pleasing than a book collection. Whatever your literary tastes, the sight of shelf upon shelf of books is something truly beautiful.

If your book collection has a drawback it is this: books are heavy! When it comes to your big move, even a modest collection of books is going to take some shifting, and it’s essential that you do so carefully to avoid torn pages, scuffed covers, and damaged spines.

As the top removal company in Cambridge, we have some experience in transporting books. Here are some of our top tips.

A little at a time

Books are heavy, so break your collection up into manageable chunks. Small shipping boxes (about half the size of a standard document archive box) are ideal, usually holding between 30 and 40 paperbacks apiece. This is enough to clear a shelf or two with each box, but not so many as to make it difficult for a single person to carry.

Lining, packing, and taping

Line your book boxes with packing paper, as this protects the dust covers on any hardback editions. Ensure that heavier books go at the bottom and be prepared to do some rearranging of your books to fill in the surrounding gaps as snugly as possible. Not only does this provide extra support to the books and the box, but it means you’re maximising your decision to go for smaller boxes in the first place. Finally, you will want to tape your boxes up well. Even smaller boxes are going to carry an impressive amount of weight, and you don’t want the bottom falling out during transit.

Wheeled suitcases

An alternative solution is to pack your books into wheeled suitcases for the move. After all, the only other thing you’re likely to use them for is clothing, and that’s something that is not only light but can survive getting creased or knocked about a bit. Throw your clothes in boxes and wheel your books to their new home in style.

So, in summary:

  1. Only move a few books at a time
  2. Use small shipping boxes
  3. Line the boxes with packing paper to avoid damage
  4. Tape the box securely
  5. Use your wheeled suitcases for transporting books, not clothes!

Here at Cambridge Removals and Storage, we offer a complete packing service, which ensures that any delicate, fragile, or precious items – including your book collection – are packed safely, prior to moving. We mainly operate in and around Cambridge but we are happy to help with your move to any of the surrounding towns including, Newmarket, Ely, St Ives and even as far as Royston! Contact us today, for a free, no-obligation quote.