While we are one of the leading removals companies and storage unit providers in Cambridge, we can’t help you directly when it comes to shipping your furniture and other possessions overseas.

However, here are a few tips that might assist you.

Only take what you can’t do without

Whilst a lot depends on where you’re moving to, if it’s a metropolitan area within a major country, the odds are good that you’d be better off selling your old furniture prior to the move, and using the money made (not to mention the savings on shipping) to buy brand new stuff once you’re over there. In this age of cheap consumer furnishings, you should only be risking international transport on items that are irreplaceable.

Keep a photographic record

From the moment you pack away your furniture to the moment you reassemble it in your new home, you are leaving it in the hands of a series of third parties, from the UK removals firm, to the international shipping agent, to the delivery firm at the other end. That means plenty of opportunities for it to get knocked about. Taking a detailed series of photographs before packing will be essential should you need to put in an insurance claim later.

Break it up

Most international shipping companies charge either by size or weight. While there’s little you can do about the latter, you can reduce the amount of space taken up by that charming old Welsh dresser, for instance, by dismantling it and carefully strapping and wrapping the parts together. This is where your photos may come in handy, and don’t forget to label everything!

Of course, if your overseas adventure isn’t a permanent arrangement, you can always make use of a storage facility. At Cambridge Removals and Storage, we have a range of custom storage units in Cambridge, available on flexible and non-contractual packages, ideal for keeping your belongings safe whether you’re away on a long or short-term basis. Call us today on 01223 882 118 for a free quote.