The last thing you want when unpacking your possessions in a new property is to discover that you’ve broken some of your items in transit. To avoid disaster, it’s necessary to pack very carefully and consider how things are going to be handled in the process.

In order to pack certain types of items correctly, you may want to consider the following points. These are common household essentials that many people aren’t sure how to pack.

1) Lamps – You might not think about it until it’s time to pack, but it’s not easy to move a lamp. You should start by removing the bulb, the shade and as many other parts as you can to make the shape less awkward. Then, bubble wrap all the individual components and pack them carefully together.

2) Plates – The kitchen contains the most commonly breakable items. Many people think you should transport plates in stacks, but you should actually turn them the other way as if you were loading a dishwasher, and pack them into a box with each plate wrapped individually in paper for protection.

3) Cups and glasses – You should ensure each box contains only items of similar sizes. For the safest results, pile up mugs or glasses to form small stacks and wrap these in paper. This keeps movement inside the box to a minimum.

4) Miscellaneous items – We all have things that simply won’t fit into boxes neatly with our other possessions, or are particularly fragile and valuable. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the bubble wrap, as long as you’re wrapping the item logically and keeping its most delicate areas safe. It might be necessary to construct a dedicated box to transport certain items.

In addition, remember these all-important points for everything that you pack, including all the fragile items we listed above.

• Don’t leave gaps in your boxes that could be filled with small items or padding
• Don’t run out of boxes of bubble wrap at the most inconvenient moment
• Don’t cram too many heavy items into one box
• Don’t rely on your own memory to know what each box contains

If you ensure you stay organised, stock up on supplies, follow the techniques above and label everything correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem preparing your items to be moved without any breakages.

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