Moving house is a momentous change whatever your age, but for children, it can be a particularly emotional time. Your child may have lived in one property their whole life and find it difficult to imagine having another home or, if they are a seasoned mover, might struggle to build an attachment to their new home because they are used to regularly moving on.

Whatever your child’s experience, these tips can make your move a stress-free experience for all.

Include Your Child at Every Stage

If you have decided it is time to move home, it can be helpful to include your child at all stages in the process. Teenagers may be able to help with the search by scouring property websites, and asking younger children what they would like their new home to be like can ensure they feel valued. It is advisable that your child has chance to view the property you choose before moving day so they can envisage their new home. If it isn’t obvious, tell them each room’s purpose. For renovation projects, be clear what will be changed and where possible share plans and projections.

Let Them Help Pack Up Your Home

Seeing their belongings being packed away can be unnerving for children so, depending on their age, give them responsibility for boxing up their toys, books, and other items. Be clear that these things will be coming to the new house – young children might not understand. Make sure they know their treasures are not being sold with the house and be honest about any items that won’t be making the move with you. If you plan to put items in storage while you decorate or renovate, tell them they will be safe and looked after.

Involve Them in Preparations for the New Home

A new home is an opportunity to revamp soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, curtains, and bedding. Allowing your child to have a say in how your family’s new home looks is a terrific way to keep them involved and make them feel as though they are putting their own stamp on the place. You don’t have to go along with all their ideas but by giving them a chance to vocalise their opinion they are able to build a connection to the new house. Young children will love creating a mood board with images cut from catalogues, while teenagers will draw inspiration from social media and sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Be Aware of Their Feelings on Moving Day

Most removals take place on weekdays, which means many children are at school or nursery. Give your child the opportunity to say goodbye to the house, especially areas that have special significance to them such as their bedroom or the garden. Many families find moving day runs most smoothly when children are being cared for at school or by a family member or friend, not only because moving can be an overwhelming process for everyone, but also because the more room there is, the easier moving furniture becomes.

It is often a good idea to prepare your child’s new bedroom first. A deep clean is easier in an empty room and opening windows to air the house can freshen musty or stagnant air, making it a more pleasant environment. Prioritise their space and add familiar touches such as favourite toys or comforters so your child will be more likely to settle quickly. You could also buy a special teddy and have it waiting for them in their bedroom to welcome your child into the house.

Be Patient

Children can take time to adjust to new surroundings so if your child is clingier than normal or unable to fall asleep in their new bedroom, be patient. Sometimes, a comforting cuddle is all that is needed to reassure them, but if your child does take a while to adapt, don’t worry. Create happy memories in your new home by playing games together, building dens, watching favourite films, and inviting your nearest and dearest to visit and they will soon associate the new house with fun and laughter.

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