As the foremost removal company in Cambridgeshire, we’re often asked by our customers about the best way to label boxes when preparing for a move. It is one way to make your house move more organised and stress-free.

Having given it some thought, we’ve come up with the following hints and tips to help you label boxes the right way:

Don’t rush

Take your time and plan ahead. Allow yourself plenty of opportunities between starting to pack up and the big day itself so you can do a little bit at a time. Packing up your belongings in a methodical manner can be boring – we’re not going to lie – but it will pay dividends when you come to unload and unpack at the other end. Just make sure that you pack your items in the right size boxes, packing items in the wrong box could lead to damage.

Tops and sides

We’re going to cover a few labelling techniques, but they only really work if you mark the boxes on the lids and on all sides. Then it doesn’t matter how they’re stacked when you arrive in your new home, because you’ll be able to tell which box is which. But make sure that you use the same phrases on each side, the idea is to avoid confusion when settling into your new place!

Make an inventory

Give each box a number and take your time filling it. As you go, compile a list of everything that’s in there. Yes, it will take time, but it’s better than rummaging through a dozen boxes to find that elusive toaster or phone charger.

In order to be super organised create a spreadsheet with your numbering system with a key at the top. Decide whether the key is based on your new house or your old house. We would recommend writing the spreadsheet based on your old house as that is the one you are most familiar with, then indicating which room in your new house the box needs to be placed in.

Fragile items

Anything that’s particularly fragile or precious should be labelled as such. Not just for the removals team, but for yourself so you don’t pile a box of books on top of your best china by mistake.

Remember to use small boxes for your fragile items. It is easier to transport and pack safely smaller boxes so you are less likely to cause damage during the move.

Remember the basics

Label one box with OPEN FIRST. This box will contain all the essentials for the first night and day in your new home – kettle, cups, tea bags or coffee and food, a change of clothes, toiletries and so on.

As the premier removals company in Cambridgeshire, we are here to help you with the full end-to-end house moving process. This includes our packing service, which ensures that all your belongings are safely and securely packed, prior to transit, and easy to locate again at the other end of your move. So why wait? Call Cambridge Removals and Storage today for a free, no-obligation quote.