Are you moving to Cambridge to study at one of the universities? If so we will give you a short guide on universities in the historic city.

The city of Cambridge in the UK is home to 2 universities, however, there are many other higher education institutions.

These include:

  • University of Cambridge
  • Anglia Ruskin University

It is often thought that there are a great many universities in Cambridge but that is a myth. The University of Cambridge is comprised of 31 colleges and other faculties administered by the main university. The colleges through the university offer a wide range of courses, from art and design to science and business. Each college has its own distinct history, culture and identity, making it unique.

Anglia Ruskin University is the other university located in Cambridge and has a number of campuses, one in Chelmsford, one on East Road in Cambridge and one in Peterborough. Anglia Ruskin offers a wide range of courses, from engineering to law, to business and finance. It also works with local businesses to provide internships and apprenticeships for students.

If you are moving to Cambridge to study at one of the two universities it is good to understand how they work and what each offers their students.

The colleges of the University of Cambridge

There are in total 31 colleges at the University of Cambridge. Generally, they are split into 16 old colleges and 15 new colleges. All have experienced changes over the 800 years of history with most now accepting few limitations for entry. However, 8 colleges still have restrictions based on age, gender, and undergraduate or postgraduate.

If you are applying for entry into any of these colleges you should do more research on their histories and traditions.

Here is a list of all 31 colleges at the University of Cambridge:

  1. Christ’s College
  2. Clare College
  3. Clare Hall College
  4. Churchill College
  5. Corpus Christi College
  6. Darwin College
  7. Downing College
  8. Emmanuel College
  9. Fitzwilliam College
  10. Girton College
  11. Gonville and Caius College
  12. Homerton College
  13. Hughes Hall 
  14. Jesus College
  15. King’s College
  16. Lucy Cavendish College 
  17. Magdalene College
  18. Murray Edwards College
  19. Newnham College
  20. Pembroke College
  21. Peterhouse 
  22. Queens’ College
  23. Robinson College
  24. St Catharine’s College
  25. St Edmund’s College
  26. St John’s College 
  27. Selwyn College
  28. Sidney Sussex College
  29. Trinity College 
  30. Trinity Hall 
  31. Wolfson College

The campuses of Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University has only one campus in Cambridge and was founded as the Cambridge School of Art.  It is a modern university spread over two main campuses in East Road and Helmore. The University has also extended its reach through various other sites including those located in Chelmsford, Peterborough, and London.

At any of the Anglia Ruskin sites, you can study courses from the Faculty of Health Sport & Science, Business School or Arts & Humanities. The Cambridge campus also houses an optometry school, one of only nine in the UK.

In conclusion, there are two universities located in Cambridge but many more higher education institutions offer students a great wealth of opportunities for study and research. Any prospective student should consider moving to Cambridge for their studies and receive a world-class education.

Moving to Cambridge as a student

Cambridge is predominantly a university city, however, unlike other towns or cities that revolve around universities, there is a lot more to this city.  It is well known for its historical buildings and architecture as well as its cultural history, making it a great place to live.

The University of Cambridge provides a range of support services for students moving to the city ranging from accommodation advice to finding part-time jobs. Similarly, Anglia Ruskin also has dedicated staff members to help new students settle in and get the most out of their experience.

Whether you decide to study at Cambridge University or Anglia Ruskin, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your time here. There is a great variety of activities on offer and a vibrant social life so you are sure to find something to do!

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