Cambridgeshire, with its rich tapestry of history and promising economic landscape, beckons prospective homeowners to explore the diverse opportunities it presents. The county is the perfect distance from the capital, capable of commuting, but far enough away for much lower house prices. Selecting the perfect location for your first home is a difficult decision. You need to consider the potential for growth and your family’s long-term well-being.

Why Move to Cambridgeshire?

Your reasons to consider purchasing your first home in Cambridgeshire will depend on your personal circumstances. However, the county offers an array of benefits for the people living there.

Historical Significance

Cambridgeshire is the home of Cambridge, which houses the 33 colleges of the University of Cambridge. The university has global appeal with thousands of students traveling all over the world every year to study at the prestigious educational establishment

Other towns in Cambridgeshire have historical significance, including:

  • Ely Cathedral
  • The Imperial War Museum
  • A Norman cathedral in Peterborough

Economic Growth and Opportunities

The city of Cambridge fuels a burgeoning economy through technological advancements and academic excellence which creates a fertile ground for career growth. Anyone seeking an academic career is no better placed than at the University of Cambridge. 

Compared to England, Cambridgeshire has a higher employment rate and a lower unemployment rate. Even with a good proportion of the population of Cambridgeshire being students, it shows the stability a life in the county can provide. 

Cultural and Recreational Amenities

Beyond economic considerations, the availability of cultural and recreational amenities plays a pivotal role in shaping the quality of life.

The River Cam is famous for its punting, Shepreth Wildlife Park is perfect for children and The Fitzwilliam Museum showcases the work of Henry Moore. Cambridgeshire has an incredible array of cultural and recreational activities. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Affordability and Budget Considerations

Navigating the real estate market requires a meticulous assessment of your budget. Understanding the affordability index and potential financial commitments is crucial for a sustainable investment.

Accessibility to Essential Services

Proximity to essential services such as healthcare, schools, and shopping centres is a key factor in choosing the right location. Accessibility contributes to the convenience and well-being of your family.

Future Development Plans in the Region

Anticipating the trajectory of the region’s development is essential for long-term planning. Examining future infrastructure projects and residential expansions provides insight into the evolving landscape.

Top Cities for First-Time Homebuyers


Renowned for its academic prowess, Cambridge offers more than just educational opportunities. The city’s cultural vibrancy and real estate market trends make it an attractive destination for young families.

The biggest drawback of searching Cambridge for your first home is the house prices. They are significantly higher than the rest of the county, so unless you have a significant deposit it may be difficult to buy in the city. 

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A strategic blend of economic prospects and family-friendly neighbourhoods positions Peterborough as a prime choice. The city is also much cheaper than Cambridge with a wide array of amenities for growing families. 

It is in a good position with good access to Cambridge and commutable to London.

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Charming Villages Ideal for Families


Possibly best known for the TV series, Grantchester fosters community engagement and offers excellent educational facilities. Its unique riverside charm provides a serene backdrop for family life.

The village is less than 3 miles down the River Cam from Cambridge, ideal for those seeking to take advantage of the educational facilities in the city. It also hosts a yearly barrel race on Boxing Day, the perfect way for new homeowners to integrate with the local community. 

Similar to Cambridge, this village may be out of reach for most first-time buyers with a high average house price. 


Even further south of Cambridge, 7 miles down the River Cam is Sawston. With expansive green spaces and a rich tapestry of communal events, Sawston presents an idyllic setting for families. School options and recreational activities contribute to its family-friendly appeal.

The village is much more affordable than Grantchester for first-time buyers. It has a number of new housing developments which have expanded the village towards nearby Pampisford.

Affordable Options for Young Families


Balancing cathedral city charm with an affordable index, Ely emerges as an attractive option. Its educational institutions further enhance its allure for young families seeking a sustainable investment.

Ely house prices are of a similar level to Sawston, so depending on whether the buyer prefers north or south Cambridgeshire, both offer good options. 

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St Neots

Riverside living, local amenities, and long-term investment potential characterise St Neots. Assessing these factors provides a comprehensive view of its suitability for young families.

Just inside the border of West Cambridgeshire, St Neots offers links to London, Bedford and Milton Keynes. It is possibly most famous for the St Neots Festival which occurs every year during the summer. 

It is a perfect town for first time buyers, with an affordable average house price. 

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Need Help Moving to Cambridgeshire?

Cambridgeshire is a beautiful county to start a new life for first time buyers. It offers wonderful links to other towns and cities, all with diverse histories. 

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