As part of our service, we are always dealing with impractical, bulky and heavy items that have to be removed from someone’s current home, loaded into our vehicle, transported, offloaded and taken to their new place. All this is part of a day’s work for us!

But what if you want to handle some of these objects yourself while you’re getting your rooms organised? Sometimes there will be no alternative but to get extra help with things like beds, sofas, tall bookcases and any other large furnishings. Whether you’re working by yourself or in a team, however, there can be a significant risk of injury when doing this.

Based on our experience, you should bear in mind all the following tips.

1) Back injuries are the number one concern. Never bend over to pick up or put down a heavy item. Keep your back straight throughout the process and use your legs to lower and raise your body.

2) Check the weight first. Don’t assume the weight of anything, especially unmarked boxes when you’re not sure of the contents. Make sure you have a good idea of how much anything weighs before trying to pick it up.

3) Figure out how to hold it. Another common injury point could be your hands, especially if you end up holding something heavy with a sharp edge or putting pressure on your fingers. Find a suitable part of the item to hold, and consider wearing gloves as long as they are designed for good grip.

4) Clear a path. Make sure you know where you’re heading and how you are getting there. Don’t pick up your item and then keep hold of it while you decide where to put it. Ensure there are no obstacles that you could easily trip over on your route.

5) Go ahead with the pickup. Standing with your legs separated, lower yourself to the item’s level using only your knees (not your back!). Grip and hold it close to your chest in order to keep yourself balanced, never raising it above your head. Then, remaining in a straight position, slowly stand upright.

6) Move and place. Without adjusting your posture any more than necessary, move along your planned route before lowering yourself to the floor again and setting the object down.

That’s it! You can repeat the process until you’re done, but always be very careful about over-stretching yourself. Asking for help is a much better option than risking injury. Talk to us about any questions you may have regarding removals, and we’ll be glad to advise.

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