New residents might not give a lot of thought to creating a relationship with their landlord but this can help to develop a better lifestyle and living conditions within your new home.

Whether you are trying to maintain or amend a weak relationship with your landlord, Cambridge Removals & Storage recommend these six ways to maintain a great relationship with your landlord.

1. Ask All Necessary Questions – Before making a firm decision about the property you would like to live in, you should establish what your requirements are and if these features could be added to an existing rental property. Although it is likely that a landlord will not make a lot of upgrades to an existing property and might offer to find another property that suits your needs better. When browsing potential properties, have a list of questions to ask the landlord, this will make it easier for you to determine which property you would like to rent.

2. Document Your Communication – During your house removal it is crucial that you document any agreements between you and your landlord. For example, if your landlord has said that they will get something within the property fixed, we advise that you get this written in a letter or email. Check through your lease to make sure that there are no amendments that need to be carried out before you sign anything!

3. Abide by Your Tenancy Agreement – This means paying your rent on time, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment and also inform your landlord of anything that requires their attention at the property. If you do not abide by the rules the landlord has set out you could risk losing your deposit and even getting evicted from the property. To stay on good terms with your landlord, treat your rented property well and keep it in good condition.

4. Be Flexible – Your landlord might need access to your property for several reasons including maintenance problems, but it is a legal requirement that they give you twenty-four hours before.

5. Respect Your Landlord-  Understand that your landlord will have tenants at other properties. Landlords are responsible for managing a few properties and can sometimes be extremely busy so they might not be able to take instant action on a minor repair at your property. Be considerate towards your landlord and if you do require something to be fixed let your landlord know your availability. This will allow you to schedule a time when you’re both free to discuss the problem.

6. Be Honest – If something within the property gets damaged, you should be honest about it. Despite the awkward conversation, you will be able to build trust between you and your landlord if you are open about what has happened and offer to pay for the damages.

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