Top Tips for Securing Your New Home

How can you make your new home more secure from intruders? We are experienced removal company who would like to offer some advice on your home security when moving into a new property.

Follow these practical tips for some guidance on keeping your family members safe before moving into your home.

1. Evaluate the Exterior of Your New Home – Assess the exterior of your property and check whether there are any faults that might make it accessible to intruders. Consider whether there are any alternative ways that burglars could enter your property.

2. Install a Safe in Your New Home – It can be useful to keep a spare key in your new home but do not risk leaving it in an obvious place for unwanted visitors to find. Use a secure safe for your keys; these can only be opened if you know the code for it. Home safes are frequently being used in households and are ideal for protecting expensive items such as jewellery and items of sentimental value.

3. Keep Your Shed and Garage Secure – If you’re using your garage to store garden equipment, you should make sure that you have installed high-quality locks. Fitting an alarm on your shed or garage will also keep any thefts from happening.

4. Purchase a Security System – A security system often detects carbon monoxide, motion, water and smoke. It is important you choose a security system that has the right features to make your family feel safe and secure in your new home. A security system will give you reassurance and put your household at ease although a security system does not provide you with video footage.

5. Add a Surveillance System as an Additional Option – A surveillance system should be used in

addition to a security system.  A surveillance system can be used to monitor the activity surrounding your new home and can help to prevent someone from gaining entry. Having a surveillance system in your new home allows you to record video footage of specific areas of your property. Another advantage of having a surveillance system in place is that it will give you the ability to continuously monitor your home. A visible camera might help discourage burglars from entering your property.

6. Get a Light Switch Timer – We recommend that you keep both indoor and outdoor areas well lit. If you’re not at your property, you could set up a light switch timer; this will give the impression that someone is present at the property and gives you some flexibility if you are staying away from your home for an extended period.

7. Be Wary When Using Social Media – Avoid posting on social media about when you are away from your property, for example, if you’re going on holiday.

8. Check Your Window and Door Security Measures – Lock all of your windows and doors whenever you leave your home. Sliding doors can be quickly forced open, and they should have a bolt and wooden or metal rod as an extra security measure to deter any intrusions.

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