What To Consider When Moving Abroad

If you are the kind of person who isn’t averse to taking on new challenges and seeing more of the world in pursuit of self-realisation, then perhaps you’ve considered starting fresh in a new country once or twice. You might even have been presented with a career opportunity overseas, or a chance to move abroad with family members, which could give you a chance to do so.

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Six Packing Tips To Avoid A Last-Minute Rush

Although you may never really feel ready to move, the big day is soon going to be approaching faster than you expected. The best thing to do is embrace the excitement and try to enjoy the refreshing feeling of starting over in a new home.

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Protecting Commonly Damaged Items When Moving

Unfortunately, when moving house it’s not uncommon to end up losing or breaking a few items if you’re not completely prepared and careful. Most of us have so many possessions to move that we simply can’t spend the necessary time to fully prepare every item for safe transit, and sometimes we rush to get the job done which can result in breakages.

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How To Avoid Injuries When Moving Heavy Furniture

As part of our service, we are always dealing with impractical, bulky and heavy items that have to be removed from someone’s current home, loaded into our vehicle, transported, offloaded and taken to their new place. All this is part of a day’s work for us!
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What’s The Ideal Time To De-Clutter?

There’s an easy answer to this question – as soon as possible! What you don’t want to do is waste money and energy transporting everything you own to your new home, only to quickly realise that you don’t need or want a lot of it.
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Packing Fragile Possessions Before You Move

The last thing you want when unpacking your possessions in a new property is to discover that you’ve broken some of your items in transit. To avoid disaster, it’s necessary to pack very carefully and consider how things are going to be handled in the process.
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Tips For Moving During The Winter

The winter months are not commonly chosen as the ideal time to pack up your life and move from one home to another, but sometimes that’s just the way things work out and you’ll want to make the best of it. Here is some general advice to help you dodge the problems many people might face when considering a winter move.

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